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... Was just wondering how you were doing? If you figured out anything? I have had leg aches since an hour before my period in January and it scares me too! I don't understand what could cause it. I also have crampy feet. Anyone have an idea of this? It's scary and hurts. (4 replies)
... I've had 4 infusions in the last 5 weeks. My iron level is back to "normal" according to a message I got from my doctor. ... (4 replies)
Oct 20, 2003
... Just wondering if anyone else has had the same or simular lab results as me. rbc 3.92, hgb 11.4, hct 32.0, rdw 15.4 iron level is 64. What diagnosis did Dr. make? ... (0 replies)

... Dear Audrey, though this info doesn't belong to this board, I thought to write here in order to be sure that you'll read it. I just wanted yo let you know that I've had my thyroid antibodies tested at last. Both are ok. Anti-TPO is 15,4 (0-50 IU/ml) and TbAg is 34,6 (0-100 IU/ml). I wanted to test them since the time i had read about them in your posts. Take care:) (19 replies)
... I think this is all due to my period. It's pretty heavy, but I kind of felt that over the last 6 months it had gotten a little lighter. My gyn told me to try taking (3) ibuprofen every 6 hours and that might help, and it did. I have Lupus and they don't recommend taking birth control pills. Anyway, I just started taking Ferrous Sulfate, 325 mg twice a day. Today is my... (13 replies)
Iron level-8.3
Sep 14, 2006
... pt as a last resort. Hope this helps. My gyno said the best thing that could happen to me is if I would have an early menopause, but I am only 45 so I could have 4 more years of this JOY. ... (22 replies)
... Ever since I was a baby, my hemoglobin has been slightly low. My mom was told to increase my iron rich foods. However, out of all 8 of her children, I was the only one with this issue. ... (6 replies)
... My Dr told me to take Iron pills and sent me to take the test again to make sure my iron was low. So i went and I took the test. ... (0 replies)
... I called my rheumatologist's office today to see what my iron study and MMA blood result was. ... (2 replies)
... tried for a long time now and also experience my hair falling out,fast heart beats,cloudy mind,ect,so I went to the doc and had a blood test which showed that my iron level was 1. ... (1 replies)
... or I worry that the iron is going straight through me, though it has gone up a little... ... (3 replies)
... he basically said that I have mild iron deficiency anemia and that at my hemoglobin level of 9.4, I shouldn't even have any symptoms. I was so upset and told him that having a 9. ... (6 replies)
... I'm currently taking Feosol (Carbonyl Iron) @ 45mg per day, as per my doctor's intructions. Given that my ferritin level is 5 and my iron is low (both have been low for some time), should I be on a higher dose of iron? It seems low to me, and my numbers haven't improved in some time. My symptoms are horrible right now. Brain fog, painfully fatigued, brittle/shedding hair,... (6 replies)
So confused~
Mar 19, 2010
... He said if I have low iron on that then MAYBE he will check my ferritin. ... (19 replies)
... months, and she hadnt checked my ferritin level or any other other iron related levels, and I am wondering if I need intramuscular or IV infusion to get rid of some of my symptoms quicker, because I am miserable, or just wait it out? ... (5 replies)
... Hi I am sure that stephrabbin & flowrgirl will help you out with the ferritn question I would like to chime in with some other opinions on your tests though if thats ok Your RDW is elevated that would indicated folate anemia,B12 anemia PA or iron deficiency anemia I noticed your MCV is not mentioned that will be high in Folate & B12 def Nor has you MCH these should be... (4 replies)
... to 8.4 in about 4 hours and I passed out in the ER was given Vitamin K shot and a transfusion. ... (0 replies)
... Last July I was diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia and was told to take an iron supplement twice daily. ... (2 replies)
... daily. This contains 20 mg. of your daily iron requirement. ... (1 replies)
... ish she would have just written me a prescription. I am so tired of feeling horrible. They said if my levels haven't gotten better in 6 weeks, then it's an IV of iron and I go to a hemotologist. Another thing that was weird was that my sodium levels were low and my cholesterol was high. ... (11 replies)

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