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Test Results
Mar 16, 2007
... My lymphocytes count was 22.6 with an L by it for low. I had a CBC with total iron tests, but I don't see ferrition on my lab sheet. Why are you getting the IV iron? ... (6 replies)
... mcg per day and my B12 levels have improved. But still no reason as to what caused both deficiencies. I don't even know what my iron is now and i have not taken any iron pills. Could my vitamin deficiencies be caused by a malabsorption problems or Chrons? ... (3 replies)
... hemo was pleased with the increase in my numbers but did say they usually increase a bit more with the amount on Venofer I received. My guess is that in another 4 weeks my body will have gone through most of the iron stores and all my numbers will be showing anemia. ... (18 replies)

... I had my blood work done today,seems I have low iron and low normal ferritin, however when I googled this, it pointed more to an inflammation or chronic disease, so worried. ... (3 replies)
... What is going on with me! I have been taking iron for 4 months now! My numbers go up and they go way back down. ... (2 replies)
Test results help
Aug 10, 2012
... Hello, Does anyone here have test results same/similar to these: TEST-------------RESULT-----RANGE Iron Serum------240---------40-155 Ferritin-----------32----------30-400 UiBC-------------134----------150-375 Transferrin------284----------200-370 b12---------------748----------211-946 (2 replies)
Any Input?
May 12, 2012
... neurologist, three different PCPs, and a hematologist. The hematologist ordered 4 IV iron treatments and a B12 shot. I've had two IV treatments, no help yet. ... (2 replies)
... Hi Opheliac...I'm new to the boards but currently going for iron treatments. All of those things you listed are the effects of low iron. ... (5 replies)
... esult was normal. I have been dealing with the issue of the low hemoglobin for at least 2 years, but my doctor just blows me off and says it's not THAT low. No iron supplements, nothing. ... (2 replies)
Any ideas???
Aug 8, 2008
... Can anyone help me interpret these numbers? WBC 7.9 (4.8 - 10.8) RBC 4.67 (4.20 - 5.40) MCH 31.5H (27.0 - 31.0) RDW 15.2H (11.5 - 14.5) Neuts 75.4H (42.2 - 75.2) Lymphs 19.4L (20.5 - 51.1) Bilirubin 1.6H(0.2 - 1.2) Iron and TIBC: (12 replies)
... results online through a portal my insurance uses. I have had a call from the doctor but I didn't know if anyone had these type of numbers and we're just put on iron pills? ... (0 replies)
... I should take iron tablets and come back in 3 months for blood work. I went ahead and found a PCP and made an appt which is in 2 weeks. ... (1 replies)
... mal hemoglobin. Ferritin detects anemia at early stages. So usually with anemia ferritin will be the first thing that drops, this is because your body is pulling iron from it's stores, then your iron will go as well as saturation. In the end stages your hemoglobin as well as hematocrit will start dropping. ... (2 replies)
... Your situation is very interesting to me and I'm glad you posted. I am so hoping that the Nexium is the cause of all of this iron troubles for me and once I get all 5 iron infusions and am off Nexium and on Zantac for awhile it's all going to clear up and I'll be back to normal! ... (74 replies)
... ve only been on the iron since November 20 which is only 5 months. ... (3 replies)
... So the only thing I can think of which would cause this type of anemia might be blood donation, except my iron levels are normal. I would think if the anemia was from that, my iron levels would also be low. A high sed rate can also be from anemia. ... (0 replies)
4% Saturation
Jul 31, 2010
... I have been having several problems lately ranging from severe fatigue, abnormal PVC's, headaches, dizziness, and headaches. My doctor told me several months ago I was anemic and put me on 2 ferous sulfate tabs a day. I got a call on Friday that my iron study came back with a saturation of 4%. All of this is foreign to me. Can someone tell me what this means and how would that... (1 replies)
... First off, I am being treated for Severe Vitamin D Deficiency. But I am still feeling sick... tons of joint pain, muscle aches, fatigue. My endo just did some lab testing and here are the findings: Iron 29 (35 - 180 ug/dL) Iron Binding Cap 386 (240 - 430 ug/dL) Iron Saturation Index 8 (15 - 46 %) Ferritin 12 (10 - 120 ng/mL) (5 replies)
... a pill one hour before lunch on an empty stomach and the same at night one hour before dinner. It helps if you can take your iron with orange juice or some form of Vitamin C but make sure to take it on an empty stomach and wait one hour before eating. ... (13 replies)
... Though they said it was no big deal. Here are my numbers...please....someone help and tell me where to turn. My doctor just says "up iron consumption." Well, I have with no return! ... (2 replies)

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