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... it was previously 57 my saturation is 30 previously 16 and my tibc is 325 .. My ferritin is 23 and was 31 but started out at 4. Why in 3 months did my ferritin go down? ... (0 replies)
... My ferritin is a 4 and I feel awful!!!! Anemia for sure. ... (14 replies)
... From reading, with iron deficiency anemia presents with a high RDW but mine is normal. any idea why? ... (3 replies)

... I've had abnormal CBC's for nearly two years. Even with supplementatin, prenatal vitamins, and folate, my Ferritin and Iron Saturation don't seem to budge much. My hemoglobin fluctuates between 8.5 and 9.7. ... (3 replies)
... could these iron levels cause this? ... (1 replies)
... Mine is most likely caused by heavy periods coupled with an inability to absorb iron because of daily use of prilosec to treat GERD caused by a hiatal hernia. ... (4 replies)
... I had a ferritin of 9 in August. She had me take Iron and come back in 3 months. I did, and they called me and said my results were normal. ... (2 replies)
... My 9 year old daughter passed out twice at school last April. When I took her to the ER, I was told she had mono. She had no more episodes until the end of August. She has passed out 4-5 times since then. I finally got a dr. to listen to me and run tests on her and we found out that she has never had mono, and her iron + TIBC test came back as follows: Iron -11 (norm:... (2 replies)
... today a hematologist ran. He was saying based on my previous labs it looked like I could have had an anemia of chronic disease since my MCV was normal as were my iron tests, although my iron saturation was low normal. ... (0 replies)
... and go to the Y about 4 times per week. ... (2 replies)
Please Help Me :(
May 21, 2009
... I had my iron level checked because i was not feeling well. My ferritin level is a 4 and saturation is a 8 both low and iron serum 34 which is low but my cbc was borderline. The last Dr. ... (1 replies)
... My dr's office just called me back with some of my test results. All she said was that I need to increase my iron levels and she suggested I take Ferris Gluconate every other day for a week or so and then slowly increase to 4 pills a day. ... (2 replies)
... compared to the rest of you guys, are these numbers pretty avarage for iron deficiant profile? ... (8 replies)
... I'm also upping my Ferrex to twice daily also. My dr. also said that there are several different types of iron transfusions you can get and she wanted to choose the best one. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks!! ... (2 replies)
Test Results
Feb 9, 2007
... Unless your doc is treating you for something else. Just increase your consumption of iron containing foods and things will be fine. ... (3 replies)
... I recently visited the Hematologist because I have had a high WBC for about 4 months. ... (1 replies)
Help Please!
Sep 3, 2014
... Hi everyone, I could really use some help trying to understand my labs. I am confused about whether or not I should continue to supplement. My doctor wants me to, but I don't understand why because my RBC is 4.99 (3.77-5.28), ferritin 63 (13-150), TIBC 438L (250-450), UIBC 386H (150-375), iron serum 52 (35-155), and iron saturation 11L (15-55). My b12 is 139 Vitamin... (2 replies)
... Thank you. I'm not sure what you meant by value so I will just type what my paper says straight across. Test Result Flag Unit Reference Interval Hemoglobin 9.5 Low g/dl 11.1-15.9 Hematocrit 29.7 Low % 34.0-46.6 MCV 79 fL ... (9 replies)
... I ended up calling the Doctor's Office 4 hours later and they told me to go to the ER. As stubborn as I was I didn't. I ended up sleeping for over 6 hours, got up ate, and went back to bed. ... (0 replies)
... Hi...I stopped at my PCP's office and had them give me a copy of my lab work. I thought I would post the additional info and see if that helps? I figure I'll only put the results that were out of normal range. HGB 9.9 HCT 31.5 MCV 76 MCH 23.9 MCHC 31.4 (5 replies)

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