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Hey everyone,
I was DX'd with Iron def a few months ago with possible Alpha Thal (partly Greek heritage) Anyway my Iron was 5 and my ferritin was 3 so ive been taking Ferrous Sulphate for the last 2 months and I was feeling much better and getting on with life. Anyway a few weeks ago I start to develop cracks in the corners of my mouth,chest pain and palpitations and extreme lethargy-i've been sleeping between 10-12 hours a day also I have no appetite. So I went back to see my Doc on Monday he checked me out and ordered more blood work-FBC,blood sugar lever,B12 and also more Thal tests to establish exactly what type I have. Since then i've almost passed out a few times and I can barely drag myself out of bed so I went back again this morning and I told another Doc my symptoms again. My basic FBC bloodwork is back already and my Hemoglobin was 10 and its now 13.6 which is an improvement,blood sugar level is normal and we're still waiting on my Thal results. My Doc made me feel like I was making my symptoms up especially with regards to my extreme lethargy,she even tried to say that I must be feeling depressed and its all in my head! I told her im not depressed but I just want to feel better.I came home in tears,im so upset that my Doc could think that I have nothing better to do with my time than to go visit her. She made me feel like I was nothing. I KNOW that something isn't right with me and despite telling my DOC she just dismissed me.

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