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Re: Symptoms
Jul 10, 2006
Hi TwinMom :)

Yeah it's long lol, sorry should have warned ya

Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that your doctor was out-dated, I do realize it's hospital ranges. And, honestly, your doctor seems better than most, in that he is running the extra tests for you (Methymalonic Acid and homocycstine levels). It's just in new medical literature, the range has been risen from approx 200 as the lowest end to approx 500 as the low end number, and it has been adapted already in some places.

Don't quote me, but, I believe the only time a B12 deficiency will affect your CBC is when it is actually classed as anemia - or pernicious anemia. You can indeed have a deficiency and not have the associated anemia.

Personally, with a level of B12 at 232 I know I would feel horrible and would have all the symptoms you have posted. I haven't tried any supplementation other than the injections... this is what my doctor first prescribed and it is working so I've stuck with it :)

Just wanted to add, that it was some 4/5 injections and approx 4 months before I felt any better.. I'm not sure how long it takes for the levels to rise, but in Feb I was at 83 and in June it was 609... hopefully, if your body is properly storing B12, you should some rise (even if only a few numbers)...

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