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Re: Symptoms
Jul 7, 2006
Hi Angela,

I just finished reading the thread you attached, holy cow 8 pages :eek: lol. Thank you for sharing your symptoms with me. I just ordered some b12 patches online. I figure if it can't hurt and might help to increase my energy then I'll give it a try. I'm supposed to go back to my Neuro in a couple weeks to go over the results to a couple blood tests he wants done (Methymalonic Acid and homocycstine levels) so I'll wait to get my blood work done until a couple days before the appointment. Hopefully some of the b12 will get absorbed by then. Have you tried the patches before?

Sorry, edited to say that the range came from the hospital lab not the doctor. Everything I've been seeing online says if I did infact have a deficiency then my cbc numbers should have been low and most of mine were a little elevated. I'm also seeing online that my HB level is at a "healthy" level. If I do have a deficiency it should be reflected in my HB right?

WBC 10.5 (3.5 - 9.6)
RBC 4.98 (3.89 - 4.56)
HGB 14.6 (12.1 - 13.9)
HCT 43 (36-41)

Platelet count 417 (169-413)
MPV 7.6 (7.5 - 11.2)

Vitamin B12 232 (180-914)

cardiac/Liver -
total billiruben 1.4 (0.3 - 1.2)
A/G ratio 1.0 (1.2 - 2.3)

Protien studies -
CRP 2.0 (should be <0.9)

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