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Re: Symptoms
Jul 7, 2006
Hi TwinMom...

I have a B12 defieciency... actually got a lot of help on here :)

My Symptom list was long, and probably could be attributed to a few other problems I have, but I'll post them all again for you.

Another note, I had a fairly long thread where some great people gave me good advice and shared their experiences with B12 deficiency. It's on HealthBoards under Nutritional Disorders


it's fairly long, but if you get a chance, maybe it can help. My numbers went from 83 at my first post, to 609+ now with my injections.

Anyway, here are all the symptoms I experienced (and I'm sure I missed some as I was feeling pretty horrid when I first made the post in May!)
 Fatigue
 Muscle weakness
 Sore throat
 Hoarseness
 Tender and swollen lymph nodes in neck
 Shortness of breath/tightness in chest
 Asthma type illness complete with wheeze and allergen induced
 New allergies that I never had before
 Shakes/trembles
 Cough
 I’m either too cold, or too hot, never comfortable – 99% of the time I’m too cold though
 Increased thirst
 Chronic/Daily “tension” headaches – I think there's more to it than just tension!
 Muscle pain/twitching
 Joint pain/”migratory” arthritis
 Brain fog/confusion/cognitive issues (using wrong words, difficulty finding correct words, can’t complete simple caculations, stammering, frequently losing train of though, short term memory loss, etc.)
 Dizzy
 Tinnitus
 Light and Sound sensitivities
 Clumsy walk – always bumping into things
 Clumsy in general
 Inability to focus at what I’m looking at
 Excessive sleeping – when I can get to sleep – takes forever to fall asleep
 Disturbing nightmares
 Irritable - mood swings at the drop of a hat
 Food intolerances (gluten, dairy, eggs)
 Frequently urinating
 Always thirsty
 Abdominal pain/tenderness
 Hair loss – good thing I have thick hair!
 Hair is coarse/breaks easy
 Lack of appetite
 Early fullness when eatting
 Weight loss
 Back pain (lower back)
 Shoulders/neck “burn”
 Simple cuts are not healing, but rather getting infected
 Severe PMS!
 Post Nasal Drip – EW! Really bad too
 GI Issues – blood, distended abdomen, nausea, etc.
 Numbness and tingling in extremities – hands and feet/shins (sp?) are always falling asleep
 Always feel like I have a flu or cold
 Constant earaches

Just another note, if you made it this far in my post ;) , I do honestly think your number at 232 is rather low - and can cause most, if not all of the symptoms you have listed. Your doctor is using an out dated range. And, I am by no means advocating self medicating, but you can get B12 supplements over the counter. And, B12 is not toxic, meaning you cannot overdose and cause harmful effects to your system as you can with iron supplements. If you do try this, I would suggest trying a methylcobalamin B12 supplement as this is the type your body can most readily use.

Please let me know how you get on.

EDIT: I knew that list wasn't complete lol. I also was very, very heat intolerant. Still am to a degree.

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