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i dont think its terribly abnormal since ferritin marks your iron stores.

low ferritin is the first marker to anemia (you are not actually anemic yet just iron deficient), then comes the drop in your Hgb and then RBC etc (ie anemia). At least this has been my experience and the general consensus.

for example, my ferritin was 4 last month but my Hgb was 13. In May my ferritin was 17 and Hgb was 15. To the average person my Hgb looks good.. however once there is little to no iron stores you get a drop in Hgb because your body needs iron to make blood. If there is no iron, the blood count drops.

Had I not upped my supplements, not only would my ferritin have dropped a bit more (last year it was 2) but I would have seen my Hgb drop also.

What is your RDW? normal range should be 10.3-14.1. At one point mine was in the 20s. anything above 15 or below 10 is a marker that something may be up.

20 ferritin is within normal range that most doctors give. As a matter of fact my oncologist really would have been happy to see me get to that number hehe.

I also would say if you had only one test to get it done again. thats simply my personal opinion. however it should be noted that things like dehydration etc can cause your CBC results to change.

I am the queen of self diagnosis, but it really is best to see your doctor again in my opinion. especially if you are dragging around and feeling lousy. If indeed you do have anemia, it is not something you should wait on in my opinion.

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