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Homocystine levels
Jul 14, 2006

I recently had some blood work done and after my B12 came back at 232 my doctor ordered a couple more tests. I had my doctors office fax me my homocystine level results today (the results for the Methymalonic Acid should be back on Monday). My level is 11.0 and upon first glance I was happy to see that I was within "normal range" until I had time to think about it. I am technically within the normal range for B12 but he still ordered these tests. I did a search online for Homocystine ranges and now I'm a little freaked out. Apparently elevated homocystine levels are associated with heart disease, heart attacks, stroke, and alzheimer’ fun. From what I'm seeing online lowering your levels with B6, B9, and B12 does not increase your chances of living :eek: ok so what does?? Most of the newer studies are showing that women's levels should be below 9.0 but in order be most effective in reducing the risks associated with elevated levels they should be below 7.0.

[B]Vitamin B12 232 (180-914)[/B]
[B]Homocystine 11.0 (5.0-13.9) [/B]

WBC 10.5 (3.5 - 9.6) H
RBC 4.98 (3.89 - 4.56) H
HGB 14.6 (12.1 - 13.9) H
HCT 43 (36-41) H

Platelet count 417 (169-413) H
MPV 7.6 (7.5 - 11.2) borderline low

cardiac/Liver -
total billiruben 1.4 (0.3 - 1.2) H
A/G ratio 1.0 (1.2 - 2.3) L

Protien studies -
CRP 2.0 (should be <0.9) H

For those of you with a B12 deficiency does any of this make sense? Do these levels sound disturbing? Does it look like I have a B12 deficency with the homocystine level at 11.0? So confusing, and scary.

Thanks for any insite!

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