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Hi all

I just wanted to share this information. I have learned that B-12 is broken down in the stomach, by acids, then absorbed by the small intestine. The PPIs drastically reduce the acid in your stomach (dose dependant I would think).

Just do a search on "PPIs and B-12 deficiencies". I just happened to see this board section for the first time. Well I guess I have seen it before, but had no reason to study Anemia. Now I do, but what is so frustrating is that I have had many blood tests in the past, but have never had my B-12 directly tested.

The test results for me was high MCV (mean corpuscular volume) and MCH (mean corpuscular hemoglobin). Last fall I got these results. It was a quack that I went to, but he had the nerve to order some sophisticated blood testing. I didn't go back to him, but showed the results to my cardiologist. The test showed that I had a chronic, active Epstein Barr virus infection. He referred me to an infectious disease doctor, who diagnosed me with chronic fatigue and arthralgia (joint pain).

I had a heart attack and stroke in the summer of 2003. All the heart meds that I started caused extreme fatigue for me. Now, I doubt that these meds actually were causing all the fatigue that I had. It has been very confusing. No one mentioned that the abnormal MCV and MCH could be a sign of a B-12 dificiency. I searched the net and found out. I was told 2 weeks ago by a Physicians Assistant that I had a B-12 deficiency, due to new blood test results the same as last fall (high MCV and MCH).

I have been taking prilosec for almost 7 years due to ulcers in my small intestines and erosions in my stomach and esophagus. They are supposedly cured, but when I have tried to stop this PPI, I get extreme ulcer pain. So I have been taking lots of B-12 and folic acid since 2003 per my cardiologist. So that is why I thought that I couldn't have a B-12 deficiency. But I didn't know about the affects of PPIs on the breaking down of B-12 (or not breaking it down).

I have had all the symptoms that you guys have had from pernicious anemia. I have really been taking lots of good B-12 supplements lately and the symptoms have improved. I take them with an acidic drink, like orange juice or coke. It has really helped. I may also have problems with the intrinsic factor as one of you have mentioned. I don't know, but I am seeing my PCP today and want my serum B-12 tested.

Believe it or not, the high MCV and MCH is also associated with leukemia. I also have abnormally low gammaglobulin Igg and Iga, which is also associated with leukemia. I am seeing a rheumotoligist thats ays I have RA or just arthritis. He is doing more blood work to check for leukemia or Hodgkin's disease.

So sorry about this long post on the medical history of my life, lol. It has just been so confusing. I have learned that you must accept responsibility for your own health. The docs have a hard time putting all these things together. These boards and the net are great for learning and sharing what you have learned.

Now for the big QUESTION! Do B-12 shots hurt bad??? :dizzy:
Thanks so much for reading. I plan to get a B-12 shot today.

Good health and happiness to all :)


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