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:) Hey Brad

Sorry it hurt! After awhile I guess you get used to it... I've been pricked with needles so many times now it's second nature for me and I don't feel it anymore lol.

Hopefully next time won't be so bad! There is an alternative to the shots though. You could try a sublingual B12. This is a tablet that you place under your tongue and this is where your body absorbs it. So you still bypass having you absorb it in your stomach/small intestines, but you also will get to bypass getting stuck with a needle! :dizzy: And, [I]most people[/I] have just as good results with the sublingual as they do with the direct injection.

Again, everyone is different though, so always keep that in mind! :p

What type of B12 is your doc using? Methylcobalamin is the preferred type as it is more readily used by your body.

300 is deficient according to new medical literature. The low end of the range is 500... although some doctors still do not follow this.

I was at 83 when tested in february and I was tested again June 16 (5 injections later) and was up to approx 603...

Anyway, I'm rambling now... I hope you feel better soon.

Oh, and one question, did your doctor tell you how long you will have to be supplementing B12? I would think you will have to continue supplementing as long as you are taking the PPI's.
I found out about the link between the PPI's and B12 deficiencies recently too. I have esopahgitis and reflux and have been taking Prilosec for almost 8 years every day. I went through an endoscopy and a colonoscopy last year to see if there was activ ebleeding from ulcers,etc. Thnakfully,I had no bleeding and just a couple of polyps. I have been taking Ferrous Gluconate for the past year and I'm still anemic. I'm a nurse and I had been reading about this connection not too long ago. I have an appointment with my rheumatologist next week(I have RA) and I'm going to ask him if he'll test me for Pernicious Anemia.It will be interesting if itcomes back that I do!

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