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It's your actual blood count that's important. Your iron stores won't go up much until after your body takes what it needs to build your blood supply back up. An Hgl score of 10 is low but it's not at panic level. My mom has the same problem and when her Hgl gets below 8 she is given a blood transfusion. I've communicated with people on this board who get as low as an Hgl of 6 before blood transfusion. The ferritin is simply a reflection of iron storage. Mine is always below 10 and many many women in our age range carry levels similar to that. I'm puzzled as to why your dr would panic you about this. What's important is to find out what led to such low levels and remedy that. If you are losing blood faster than your body can manufacture it that needs to be stopped. If you can't absorb enough iron that needs to be addressed as well. If you are seeing improvement then obviously your body is responding to treatment. Why not discuss this with all your drs-GYN, Internist and hematologist. I even had a gastroenterologist on my "team" and all came to a general understanding together. I talked with all of them and requested they communicate with one another. That way I didn't suffer any unnecessary treatment. Low ferritin does not carry serious health risks, very low blood counts do-there's a big difference.

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