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One evening about 6 I had mild chest pain. I had not had any heart related problems but knowing the symptoms I decided to get checked out. My husband called the hospital to ask about their system. Right away they said they would send an ambulance. My husband said that wasn't necessary to which they said it has already been dispatched. They arrived shortly and handled it like a cardiac patient.

ER follow through as a heart problem. Finding none they started another trail. As the night progressed so did the chest pain. By about 2AM they decided that it was gallbladder and told me to "go home and come back the morning". They had done lots of test and had scheduled a MRI. The nurse that had been with me told me that was crazy but he had no power to change it. By 6PM the chest pain was there more and kept getting worse. That time we drove to the ER where they told us to "have a seat and wait". I told them I could not but that got me nowhere.

We stood by the "out" door and when someone came out we went in. I sat on a stool at the nurses counter. They did not like that. Just then the nurse from the night before came in. He said to go with him. He put me in a cubical and very shortly thereafter I lost consciousness.

They admitted me to the hospital and during the night my condition worsened. They told my husband that had scheduled the surgery for 9AM. The next I knew it was 7AM and they had me at the door to the surgery with a group discussing the situation. The gallstones were small and few, not enough to cause the problems. My condition was critical. They said I would not survive the surgery because my potassium was so low. One doctor said he could put a catheter in my heart and infuse the potassium that way. After the surgery they told my husband that had the stayed with the 9AM schedule I would not have survived.

They could not "zap" them so made an open incision. They had given me 2 units of blood. My recovery went well considering the circumstances. The gallstones were small and few. I had not had any symptoms that would have led to suspecting the gallbladder. I had massive infections in my abdomen but we did not know why.

That was the only incident that I was aware of connected to gallbladder surgery. Since the removal of the gallbladder I have had no problems that I know of connected to gallbladder.

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