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Re: Anemic vegan
Jul 29, 2006
Hi, I'm an Australian pernicious aneamia sufferer having been diagnosed 9 months ago. I am married to a vegetarian and have been basically one myself for around 7 years now. My doctors did not stipulate being a vegan or vegetarian a major problem for PA. I am not 100% with all the reasons why we develop PA but know that we miss an intrinsic factor in our systems that absorb B12 and without this (well for me anyhow) it does not matter what I take internally as my system will not absorb it hence the reason for needing our B12 once per month. I did not suffer pain with my symptoms but pins and needles in my hand, forearm and then foot (left). This led to deadening of my hand and and forearm also which was scary. Since the shots I have not had the loss of use of my arm but have tingles every now and then and extreme fatigue which tells me it's time for the next shot. My doc says not to wait but somehow I get busy with life and then the symptoms set back in. Since being diagnosed I have not met anyone else with B12 deficiency so ithis s handy to have a site like this to link to. I have to say that we are fortunate now that we have access to B12 shots that alleviate our problems. I don't feel a remarkable difference once having them like I have heard via doctors that others do. All I know is that I don't feel the extreme tiredness that I did for a few weeks. I hope my little input is of some assistance. Take care.

edited to add Hi forgot to mention. No don't think having B12 in particular is a problem with weight gain. Mine did not change with diagnosis but has changed as I have other problems since having a total hysterectomy earlier in the year. I must say though since being vegetarian (and this might sound a little contradictory) I have gained weight as I am always looking for something to fill the gap. I love vegetarian food but find I need something else thereafter.

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