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I've been anemic for the past year and Em is right,take the iron on an empty stomach if you can and have some OJ with it for the Vitamin C. This helps promote absorption of the iron. Also,don't take it with milk or any type of caffeine like coffee or tea. Milk and caffeine will inhibit the absorption. Slo-Fe is a good supplement. I had a bad time with them all because I have acid reflux and they were all making me nauseous. My doctor recommended Ferrous Gluconate because it's alot easier on the stomach. I take it every morning with Folic Acid. It definitely takes a looong time for the anemia to get better. My doctor told me sometimes it can take as long as a year before it will correct with the supplements.I'm still anemic and now have to have tests to rule out other other types of anemia and absorption problems. I know a girl who had anemia and she never got better with the oral supplements and had to go on Procrit shots to get better. Best of luck! :)

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