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Re: Levels
Aug 10, 2006
Mine at a year ago was 12,normal but my ferritin was only at 5.Normal ferritin should be 15-150.Did you get your ferritin checked that usually comfirms iron deficency.My doctor says woman at child bearing age the cause is heavy periods and not eating right.I am 34 my iron only went from 5 to 30 in almost a year.I have hair loss,heart palpitations and no energy.I would find out what your ferritin levels are.
Re: Levels
Aug 11, 2006
I am looking at my blood test from a year ago,the range for normal hemaglobin on this says 11.8-16.8 any thing under is considered low.Do you have your blood test results? Even though my hemaglobin was normal my Mcv was low thats the size of blood and my Rdw was high thats an indicator also of iron deficency.Also my ferritin was at 5.The ferritin test is the one that tells you if your anemia is from low iron or something else.They never looked into my low iron they said at my age it should be from heavy periods because I am 32.Also my iron was slowly going down for almost 2 years before I became anemic.I been on 2 iron pills 2 times a day for almost a year and my iron only went up 30 points buy I am not anemic anymore.I still have the hair loss because they said ferritin should be up to 70 for hair loss to stop.Are you having any symptoms?

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