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Hi, this a long story but i will try my best to make it short.
my neice, now 2 and 1/2 fell very ill this past january (just short of her 2nd birthday). prior to that she had been suffering from a virus that made it difficult for her to enjoy what we thought would be her first real christmas. come january, her blood level had all of a sudden dropped to a 3.
we rushed her to the ER, she had numerous tests, including a scope into her stomach to check for internat bleeding. everything came back OK.
dr.'s were baffled. they knew one thing for sure that she was anemic, they just couldn't figure out why.
her eyes had been very puffy come this point and one dr. told us it was a sign her hemoglobbin was too low and suggested her heart was being strained to work correctly.
in the meantime, they discovered a heart murmer that wasnm't there previously.
that night she remained in the hosptial and underwent 2 blood transfusions. what a nightmare. they worked well and her level rose to 12.
one dr. had a hunch that considering her age and milk intake, it could have been brought on by an allergy to milk and directed us to feed her rice milk in the duration of testing. no other milk products were allowed either.
after stocking up on health foods, and things not even including soy or wheat in the contents and feeding her liquid iron every night, the baby still wasn't getting better. in come the specialists, some allergists and hemotologists, more tests... all pointing to an allergy. yet nothing we wre instructed to do, worked.
:rolleyes: since then we've kept her on her diet, andher level has remained at 12 until just recently it dropped to 11.
her eyes swell up here and there and get us very very worried.
the allergist has since run allergy tests and concluded it may not be the milk allergy everyone assumed....
the dr.'s we work with are now at a stand still as to what to do next for her, but we fear that something else is going on.
my mother was diagnosed with Celiac disease about a decade ago. her level had also dropped to a 3 and she almost died. celiac if you don't know is your body refusing to absorb any iron, natural or consumed. she is on a very unique diet and is doing well.
the baby was tested for this and was cleared for it.
we just don't know what else to do short of bringing her to a special hospital in another state-- which looks like what we may do.
she's doing well, feeling well and looking well but this pesky blood level just fluctuates too much; and we are aware that's what happens with anemic people but we want to know why all of ths started...why a 2 year old needs blood transfusion out of the blue and no one seems to have the answer for that and we fear it could happen again.
any suggestions would be soo appreciated.
thank you. :angel:

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