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Last Dec. while in the hospital, I was given intravenous iron for anemia and to lower my platelets. The last time I saw my Hemo was April. Since then I am receiving monthly B-12 injections. He did give me a prescription for oral iron, but said that it was not necessary(to take) because I had the IV iron in Dec. I haven't taken the iron pills, and am very curious as to what my blood test results will be when I see him in Oct. Does anyone know if IV iron can actually be beneficial and help for almost a year? I am going to ask him if I need it again this Dec.
IV iron is not necessary unless your counts are too low to protect you from infection. As for how long IV iron lasts, it is dependent on what is causing the anemia. If it is a temporary bleeding problem, you might never need an IV again. If it is a chronic slow bleeding condition it may take about six months to a year to need to reboost. If you are not taking your iron pills because of side effects you need to tell your doctor. If you are just experimenting to see what is going on, that can be dangerous due to the side effects of the iron going to the wrong place and causing liver problems. I am not saying that anyone would do this I am saying that the danger for health complications from IV iron are great and the risk benefit needs to be assessed each time.

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