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I have been on HealthBoards but different topic. I don't know why that I didn't think of this before last night. I had read through a few of the posts. Shamrock, I read with interest your prior posts.

A doctor, not my present PCP, had about hit the panic button saying I was very anemic and prescribed iron. I have always tended to be low on iron and just automatically assumed it was iron deficiency. Last week my PCP made me realize that it is not iron deficiency. I have long taken iron and that could account for it being acceptable. I have taken B12 shots and in this last blood work, the B12 was actually a little high, above of the normal range.

It has been 3 years since I have had the gastric system checked. That covered all 3 areas. Do I ever hate those tests...actually not the test but the clean-out.

I have an undiagnosed autoimmune problem. It looks like lupus or scelero. I see the rheumatologist tomorrow and perhaps that doctor can shed more light on the subject. I have been on plaquenil for about 6 weeks and am getting some positive effects. When I started on that I added folic acid. Those autoimmune test also determined that I am not type 2 diabetic as was presumed but LADA. Not that that makes any difference.

I am too young (73) :blob_fire to have all these things! I still work full time and my work has been suffering from this the last week or two. I'm not keeping up. :eek:

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