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Hi All

A year ago I was diagnosed with pernicious anaemia and earlier this year my doctor suggested that I have an endoscopy because apparently one in so many can develop cancer of the stomach down the track. Because I have had so many other health issues it was put off until recently. I have been diagnosed with chronic inflammation of the stomach lining which is pre ulcerous and if not treated eventually could turn into stomach cancer. Great I thought. Treatment is antiobiotics/meds for 3 months. I have been feeling nauseaus of late and thought this was just stress. My new doctor does not have a result of the intrinsic factor testing and I infuriatringly cannot locate my test results at home. My doctor said that if I had this stomach condition (unawares) for some time that this could be effecting my B12 and once the stomach condition is treated I may not need the ongoing B12 injections which I was led to believe previously that this was a lifetime requirement. I was just wondering if any other Pernicious Anaemia sufferers have experienced what I am and how they are handling it.

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