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Thank you Merimac! My list of symptoms are nearly identical.......A lot of them started while being treated for h. pylori, with the exception of anemia, and that's always been a problem. I have had so many tests in the past 2 years for heart palpitations, shortness of breath, weakness, substantial weight loss.....and now almost continuous tingling in my arms and legs. I just looked at my labs results and I don't see anything that indicates I've been tested for a B-12 deficiency. I am going to ask to be tested for that before I go through any more testing. How were you treated for the deficiency? From the reading I've done, it seems you need more than just a
bottle of B-12 supplement.
I originally posted the question regarding B-12 deficiency. I talked to my doctor today, she said my B-12 level was in the 200's which is at the lower end of normal, but considered okay. I've had chronic anemia for several years, my TIBC is low, but my RDW is above the highest normal value. I have been getting heart palpitations that started after an infection with h. pylori nearly 2 years ago.
I have had a stress test and a holter monitor test that show I have PAC's, but they are not abnormally high, so my heart seems to be fine. My doctor suggested B-12 shots to see if they would calm the palpitations. Has anybody had relief from the B-12 injections as far as heart palps go? I would be willing to try them if I thought I could get relief. By the way, I'm 54 and my period stopped about 6 months ago, if that makes a difference.

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