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1. feeling like finger tips are asleep or numb
2. vague back and lower abdominal pain
3. nausea
4. blurred vision
5. low grade fever
6. Cold(below normal body temperature)
7. loss of appetite
8. Loss of muscle mass
9. Fluid retention
10. Headaches
11. chapped lips, cracked in corners,
12. sores or mouth ulcers in the gums
13. sore tongue, rough coating, or thrush
14. low white cell count
15. Fatigue
16. Legs restless at night
17. dry skin
18. Water weight gain
19. craving odd things as if pregnant(but not)
20. loss of menstrual period
21. burning shooting pain in or just underskin
22. loss of balance in the dark or with eyes shut
23. weakness in one or both legs
24. ringing in one or both ears
25. loss of or thinning hair
26. unusual amount of gray hair suddenly
27. yellowish looking skin(caucasian race)
28. burning when urinating despite lack of uti
29. dry eyes(burning and red without allergies
30. accelerated heart rate, breathlessness
31. over reactive emotions, fearfullness, depression,
32. temporary delusions, thoughts that are unrealistic to
situation. Brief episodes of seeing spots or things
that are not there( resembles driving fatigue)

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