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Re: Iron level-8.3
Sep 13, 2006
I had blood tests last week where my Hct came back 24.1 and my Hgb is 7. My primary care doctor called me back right away and I saw a hematologist for the first time yesterday. My report says that I have 0 iron stores! Last summer I had a full GI workup with the endoscopy and a colonoscopy on the same day. Anyone that needs them should just go and have them. Trust me,if you have a good doctor doing the procedures you won't even know you had them done. Anyway,my endoscopy showed esophagitis and the colonoscopy showed just 1 small polyp that they removed then. Nobody at all seemed worried so I wasn't either. I went for a routine check-up last March and had blood drawn and my Hct was 28 with Hgb 7.7. They sent the report in the mail and said to take oral iron which I have been. Anyway,yesterday the hematologist wouldn't even let me leave the hospital. They gave me a dose of IV iron and I have to go every Tuesday for the next 10 weeks and have a bag of IV iron. When I asked the nurses if that would be it they told me it will depend on my response to the IV. She couldn't believe I was even walking around and said,"it's amazing how the body can compensate."The hematologist seems to think that my iron deficiency is caused from an absorption problem because of the esophagitis and a few heavy periods. He said that you can lose small amounts of blood with esophagitis over a long time and not even be aware of it. Anyway,if you're not feeling well and you're very anemic,definitely ask to be seen by a hematologist. Right away they know which blood tests to order and how to treat you correctly. Good Luck!

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