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Re: Iron level-8.3
Sep 12, 2006
Hi, new here and reading posts about anemia...........I have an ongoing struggle with anemia as I have very heavy periods, and right now I'm being tested for low thyroid (anemia is a symptom of low thyroid, but low thyroid can also be a symptom of anemia.....though we have heavy periods, our bodies may not be able to replace the red blood cells adequately because low thyroid can hinder the stimulation of red blood cell developement in the bone marrow.........).

I did have a blood transfusion 2 yrs. ago, my hemoglobin was 7.1.........I was feeling disoriented, dizzy, lightheaded.........very scary. My doc called when they got the lab results in and instructions were "go to the hospital immediately IF someone else can drive you, do not drive yourself, and the doctor will be waiting for you -- you HAVE to have blood transfusion". Seems most docs want to give a blood transfusion if you are under 8.

Perhaps I did HAVE to have one (they were worried about how the low level would affect my heart, although I really don't have a "heart condition". I wouldn't wish it on anyone, plus they gave me a colonoscopy and endoscopy while I was there to check for bleeding, and I also had a DNC to thin the endometrial lining of my uterus so I would have lighter periods.........this helped for maybe 6 months, but that was it). Since then, I have read several places that "erythropaetin" helps the body make its own red blood cells and reduces the need for a blood transfusion. Since my hemoglobin general is between 11 and 14, I'm going to talk to my doctor and see if I can take that to boost my red blood cell production and possibly then I can be up to or over 15, and hopefully feel better.


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