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Re: Iron level-8.3
Sep 13, 2006
I know what you mean about the walking and exercising. I still seem to get a headache after I walk, but i am trying to keep going, I sort of feel like this is not going to get the best of me. Also i believe all my exercising over the years helped me to handle as low as it got to be. Surprisingly at the level of 8.3 I was walking at a fast pace and busy in my life with bleeding from heavy to light from march until july. I just had this attitude that I was not going to let this stop me. I felt a little tired but i have to say that I was surprised when he said I was that low. my gyno said to me at the DNC I believe you tend to minimize things, and I guess he could be right.I do get tired though of being tired after just a 2 mile walk, that frustrates me.

Emmy, I know what you mean about waiting for the colonoscopy, that threw me for a loop when my family doc said it, i thought why , I know why I am anemic when you bleed from march to july, but I believe they try to cover their bases. The nurse said to me, it is standard procedure with anemia.Well I will wait until i get my blood results in October, I am plain tired of tests from the summer. I will just keep taking my slo Fe. I dont understand why my gyno didn't order a ferritin profile, but he never did. I have those tests for October. He wasn't very helpful when it came to supplements either. he just said well you can take some if you want. When I went to my family doc for my eyes that keep puffing she was the one that I think overreacted a bit about the colonoscopy, but she did say to take iron, so I am. She said oh, if we could only not turn 40, boy do i agree.

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