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Re: Iron level-8.3
Sep 14, 2006
Emmy- Go and see the hematologist. If anything they will order more tests than the OB/GYN and PCP's do and they take it more seriously. I see that you live in GA. I don't know how far you are from Emory but it is supposed to be a very good hospital and maybe you can see someone there. Anyway,the dr. told me it will take at least 8 weeks of IV to get my iron stores built up and to start feeling better. The IV iron really wasn't bad at all. Some of them have alot of bad reactions but they gave me one that doesn't. I hope it works! Thanks for asking! I can't take birth control because I ahve high blood pressure. I do have a good friend who uses the progesterone cream for hot flashes that she's getting and she loves it(not for her periods though). Grandkids- I had to have the big GI work-up too. That's where they begin and then they have you go to OB/GYN. You should see if you can find a hematologist that will work with you. If you had a Hgb of 5 I don't know how you could even walk! Mine was 7 and they wouldn't let me leave the hospital! They asked me if my PCP had me have a blood transfusion! Anyway,my hematologist said that having the Hgb that low can lead to heart failure because being that anemic will tax your heart too much. You're the same age as me-way too young to have heart problems. Wait and see if the absorption tests show any problems. If not,ask him what the next step will be in order to keep the Hgb from getting that low again.If he can't tell you then I would see someone else. Unfortunately,medicine is big business like anything else. I'm a nurse and know that they do not take that at all personally. Go to see someone else if you don't feel like he's doing what he can do for you. Good Luck! :)

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