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Hi. Has anybody had any actual success with any iron treatments? Has anybody tried any treatment that made them feel better after a while. I understand it takes a while to get iron built in the blood, so I'm trying to be patient. I have been taking Slow FE once a day with orange juice for about 6 weeks now. I have an appointment with the Hemotologist on 9/20. For a while I felt a little better, but recently I've been feeling worse than before I started taking the iron. The fatigue has lessened a little, but the eye problems have worsened. Very swollen and dizzy from puffy eyes. I was constipated at first after taking the iron, but recently started getting diarrhea, so I wonder if I'm actually absorbing the iron. I also have low thyroid, so I take Synthroid for that. My doctor wasn't much help the last time. She wasn't specific about how much iron to take, or what kind. Are there any natrual treatments for iron deficient anemia with less side effects? Is there anything that can help the dizziness and swollen eyes? Also, what brand of Iron is Ferrous Gluconate? I hear it has a better absorption rate.


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