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5 is low for the Ferritin. Mine was 3 last March and now I have 0 iron stores and have to go every week until at least the end of October for IV iron to build it back up. It's so frustrating when your Primary Care doctor doesn't seem worried about this. I was told the same thing last spring-take 2 iron pills a day instead of 1. I did have the GI work-up which showed I had no active bleeding. At the end of August when I went for my check-up and told her I felt really tired she redrew the CBC and my Hgb was down to 7 with a Hct of 24. There's the reason for the extreme fatigue. She then sent me to a hematologist who wouldn't even let me leave the hospital until I got a bag of IV iron. He ran some more tests and said that I don't absorb the oral form of it well. He told me last week it will take at least 7 bags of iron before I begin to feel better and I'll probably have to get a minimum of 10. It might be time to discuss your concerns with your doctor. A hgb of 10 isn't too bad but if it goes below 8 then they want to trannsfuse,give IV iron,etc. At the very least he should schedule you to have another blood test in a few months to see how you're doing. Best of Luck!

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