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Hi according to my hematologist, Ferritin level should be at around 50 to be healthy. The lowest my level has been was 2 and at that time, my hgb was around 8. If I was not having chest pains, I prob would not have gone to the dr. Seems that chest pain is one of the symptoms of anemia. My internest decided to run a cbc and ferritin. To both of our surprise, I was nearly dead according to the test results. My doctor said if I was not in such good shape, he would have put me in the hospital. After numerous test, they found that I had numerous ulcers. That was taken care of but after a year and a half, the cause of my low iron level is still unknown. I go in for regular IV iron when my level goes down. In three months, my ferritin level went from 49 to 26 and hbg from 14 to 13. I was given a shot to increase my hbg and iron iv to raise the ferritin. I have already started with the ice eating, pica, and other tiredness. So now I am consider iron deficient but not anemic. I will have to go get around round of iron iv so that I do not become anemic. When your levels are that low and also your hgb, your dr should be getting you in for iron iv and not the pills. You can't take enough pills to make up for that much lost iron quick enough.

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