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Hi Matt,

I to have idiopathic AIHA. I have been trying to deal with this for about 9 years. Started with prednisone and have been off and on it for the past 9 years. I have had my spleen removed after my third relapse of this blood disorder. As Les44 said it's not something to be taken lightly. Unfortunately for me taking out my spleen didn't work but my hemo doc assured me it does work for 2 in 3 people.

I think hemo docs deal with this disorder by the process of elimination. In my experience this was my process.

1. Prednisone
2. Prednisone & Imuran a immunosuppressant
3. Spleen removed
4. Intragam, Prednison & Imuran
5. Rituxan (2 treatments out of the four)
6. Cyclosplorin, prednisone
7. Gall Bladder Removed, Liver problems needed endoscopy
8. YAY! for Cellcept and prednisone combo

Throughout the treatments whenever my blood dropped I had transfusions and my doc is worried about the long term effects prednisone. But I think that is a pretty extensive list of options. From others experience I would see about Rituxan but really don't get too ahead of yourself with the spleen removal.

Lots have success from prednisone 100mg weaned slowly then monitoring. I definitely wouldn't have the spleen out after the first showing of this disorder my eperience like I said I had it the third and it did nothing to help.

The problem is in Australia Rituxan is not PBS scheme so my doc had to source funding for it. Maybe this is why they do the process of elimination. I would had rather tried the different medications ie. Rituxan before having my spleen removed. Now having no spleen and on immunosuppressant it has taken my over 5 weeks to get over a throat infection/flu.

I am lucky to have found cellcept and have it work for me hopefully you will not have to go through all this but just know we are all here for you! To chat and ask questions.

Yesterday is history, Tommorrow is a mystery, Today is a gift that's why it is called the present.

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