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Re: Ice and Anemia
Sep 27, 2006
I was amazed when I started reading about people with anemia eating ice. I have been eating crushed ice for about a year. I would sit with my grandson and we would polish off a cup or two of ice in the afternoon. I just thought I was addicted to it. I would be in the kitchen several times a day crushing ice. I just recently found out that I have iron deficiency anemia. Now I know why I love ice so much! Weird though!

Coral, it would be a good idea to have your iron levels checked before taking iron supplements. Too much iron is not good either and your body doesn't have a way of getting rid of the excess. Hope all turns out well and that you just like to eat ice!!
Re: Ice and Anemia
Oct 6, 2006
Coral,definitely call your doctor and asked to have a CBC checked to see if you're anemic. This is important if you're TTC. If you were to become pregnant it's really important that you don't become anemic for not only your sake but for the baby's sake as well. You need twice the iron that you normally do when you're pregnant and that is why Obstetricians prescribe prenatal vitamins for pregnant women...As far as the ice goes,yes you can crave it. I was eating crushed ice and craving popsicles for months before my anemia was diagnosed. I am currently seeing a hematologist and getting IV iron treatments every week. Since I've had about 4 IV's of the iron the craving for the ice and popsicles is much less. best of luck!:)

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