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Hi emmy,
I know it is alot of iron, I have only been taking it in the quanities I listed for a week. As for the liquid liver extract capsules (I got those at a Carol Bond Health Food Store, $19.95 for 90 softgels, but I have also seen them online for $15.95 plus shipping), the recommended dose IS 2 capsules 3 times daily. It says it has 1,100 mg of "liver fractions"........I'm not sure what that converts to beside a ferrous sulfphate, etc. tablet as far as iron goes. It also has 2 mg's of "iron" listed, whereas the Solgars iron I take has 25 mg. of "iron" in iron bysglycinate form.......this is suppose to be less constipating to take and is sugar,salt and starch free. I pop a ferrous sulphate 325 mg tablet a few times a week, just in case I need it.

I'm just trying to build up my iron, very worried about my ferritin level as it is at 5, my doctor simply told me to take "Slow FE" and double up on them daily. I had been taking one Slow FE a day, and that obviously wasn't getting the job done. I am scared of having another blood transfusion, I really am quite against doing that again and I've read alot of scary stuff about the IV Iron. There aren't alot of options once you get down past 7, so this iron supplementation I am doing is to build my blood up quickly to the iron level/ferritin level I need. Its my own decision and no has advised me to take the Solgars iron once a day in addition to the Energizing Iron I take 3 times a day. I don't KNOW if its "too much" iron, but when you are severely low and have almost no ferritin, how much is too much? If anyone knows I'd like to hear from them, too. Seems like the IV iron would pump much more iron at one time in than the iron I am consuming in supplements over a weeks time??

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