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I am a male and am on lamisil. When I had my blood checked for the lamisil, they found that I was low on iron in my blood.

My doctor said that this normally does not happen to guys, and put me on Slow FE.

My low levels from the test:
RBC 4.02 (should be 4.1-5.6)
Hemoglobin 9.0 (should be 12.5-17)
Hematocrit 27.3 (should be 36-50)
MCV 68 (should be 80-98)
MCH 22.3 (should be 27-34)

I really do not know what all of that means, other than that my iron is low.

Some of the issues I have had lately that may be because of the iron:
Feel worn out
Short of breath
I look very pale

I am not sure what else it is doing to me, but am ready to get my levels back to normal.

Does anyone else have this? Are these symptoms normal?

What did you do or are you doing to raise your levels back up?

You're short of breath because of your hemoglobin. This is something that needs to be watched to make sure it doesn't fall any lower. Your counts could be more than just llow iron - bleeding in the GI tract, autoimmune diseases, etc. Did you doctor suggest to follow up in a couple of weeks with another blood count?

I have hemolytic anemia, and when my hemoglobin gets as low as yours, they start to get concerned. And no amount of iron willl help in my case. IT takes Prednisone to get my counts back up. That's why you need to find out what's causing the low counts.

Take care,

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