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i see other people have posted their different results and was wondering if any of you kind folks who understand all this stuff could help me make some headway to understanding what's going on in my life! in dec 05-10 months ago my results showed: iron 13;tibc 413;transferrin saturation 3;[B]ferritin 1[/B] it says confirmed by repeat analysis.
wbc 12.6;rbc 3.72 [B]hemoglobin 5.7[/B] -and it again says confirmed by repeat analysis. hematocrit 20.9; mcv 56.1; mgh 15.4; mchc 27.4 platelet count 567;neutroprils, absolute 9766-everything else was in normal range.
as of 9/28 my results are: wbc 12.8; rbc 4.99; hgb 10.5;hct 37.1; mcv 74.4; mchc 29.4 plt 412 and mpv 9.7.
they said its iron deficient anemia but after 10 months of receiving venofer 200 mg on a weekly basis does this make sense? should my numbers (hemoglobin) be much higher? is there anything they might have missed? my b12 was 246 @ end of april. my ferritn was 17 june 22. they still have not been able to find a source of bleeding-i've had every gi workup and its not gyn-is there something the hematologist should be looking at that he hasn't. i'm going nuts already ! if anyone has any ideas i would be forever grateful.
grandkids,I think the OP is right. With a ferritin of 1(no iron stores in the bone marrow) and a hgb of 5.7/Hct of 20.9 to go to a hgb of 10.5/Hct of 37 is pretty good(although I'm sure it seems like an eternity to you!). I am currently getting the Venofer IV weekly too. My hgb was 6.9 and Hct was 24 to begin with in early Sept. Today they drew it and it's on the upswing-hgb is 9 now but I still have to keep going for it every week. I saw my hematologist today and he told me it will take a long time to build back the iron stores because like you,my ferritin was only 2. We'll see how it goes. I have heard of Procrit used to boost up the RBC count. I have a good friend whose Mom is iron deficient and after a bone marrow biopsy and all kind s of tests they determined that she just has pure iron deficiency that doesn't respond to the oral meds. She goes in and sees the hematologist once a month and they give her a shot based on her CBC results. I'd rather do that than have to go every week but they want me to keep getting the Venofer first. I'm perimenopausal and I also have tot ake Prednisone for another medical issue I have. Prednisone eats up your RBC's after taking it for awhile.I hope I don't get another heavy period on top of it all. I can't take BCP's because of high blood pressure and I really don't want to have to have surgery. Oh what a joy! lol. Good Luck with it all! :)

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