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Oct 24, 2006
Im going to do my best to keep this as short as possible, I've tried to make this thread a couple times but it just kept getting bigger. 22 year old male, skinny, 120 pounds 5'9 very hard to gain weight. Was anemic as a child. Have been depressed since I was 15, started having anxiety and panic attacks 2 years ago after a stressful event. 5 months ago had some blood work done (dont know what all they tested, I know HP) and an ultra sound. Everything was fine but was gave achipex for about 2 months. My stomach problems are pretty much okay now. I have been extremely tired lately, anxiety has gotten worse, the fingers in my right hand will twitch, anxious, hard to sleep at night, my teeth are very senstive, dont know if it was from throwing up while I was having stomach problems or what. After eating my blood pressure goes up and my heart rate increases dont know if its from the acid in my stomach or what. I have also noticed the past few months I get alot of cold sores, I used to only get one every couple months, I dont know if that is just because my immune system has been weak or what. I dont drink, smoke either. Im starting to wonder if maybe im anemic. I have always ate ice and just recently saw how eating ice could be a symptom of anemia. I dont know if these problems are related to the "GERD"? I had or from the anxiety or if they are all related to each other. Does anyone have any ideas? Im really low on funds, that last doctor visit cost me $800 dollars and I only work a day or 2 a week. Also my anxiety is really bad, makes me not want to leave the house or see my friends.

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