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[QUOTE=fjones1;2901411]I'm confused about this also. My doctor wants me to get an infusion becuase my ferritin dropped to 10 from 23 in the last month, even while taking iron supplements (Spatone and Slow FE Ferrous Sulphate) He wants to find out the cause of my low iron but still thinks I need an infusion. My saturation is also low. I'm supposed to have a pelvic ultrasound, then do the colon exam later on. Has anybody with normal hemaglobin had the infusions? I know the blood transfusions are only for people with hemaglobin in the single digits, or under 10, right?[/QUOTE]

I am going for yet another iron infusion this week. My hgb has been normal for the last two previous infusions, but my ferritin keeps dropping. I was told to stay healthy, I need to have my ferritin level to be 50, and that is coming from my hematologist. I can tell the difference when I am running low. My ice pica comes back and feeling tired, muscle aches and headaches. You can have all kinds of problems with iron defieciency. Transfusion are for people who's hemablogin falls under 7according to my gp. If don't stay on top of your ferritin levels and it keeps going down, you will begin to have lower hgb thus resulting in anemia.

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