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oh now i'm even more confused... if Ferretin means nothing how come I have to have iron injections? My hg levels are fine, my doc said ferretin was 16 last year and now it's at 12 (am pregnant). after six months of daily iron tablets, doc says iron levels are still low... but what this means is my Ferretin is still low? Why the need for weekly iron shots if ferretin causes no symptoms?
[QUOTE=alwayshotroddin;2901635]I have been reading your posts on this topic. Does anyone know how long you can have low ferritin levels before your hemoglobin levels start to drop? I first found out my ferritin level was at 11.6 in January and since then it's dropped to 4.0 as of last week (this is also while I'm taking iron supplements). My iron saturation level is also low. Just curious to know what might happen next if my ferretin levels don't start to go up?[/QUOTE]
For those asking about ferritin levels and iron. The ferritin level measures how good your body is at extracting iron from food or supplements you are taking. If you are a vegetarian who eats no eggs, cheese or other dairy products, your source of iron is a plant source such as beets, etc. There is iron in vegetables, primarily root vegetables, potatoes etc. It is not heme iron, but it is iron. Then meats: beef, pork, chicken are the primary sources of heme iron, with eggs being a good source if you eat the yolk, that of course is an issue with some health considerations.
Either way you get iron, the body uses what it needs for daily functioning and stores the rest in a storage area for drawing on if you get food deprived. If you are nutrition deprived, you will lose your hair, primarily a protein loss issue, you finger nails will become brittle, break easily or will get streaks, you may get mouth sores easily. All of those symptoms are from not enough available iron. Ferritin again without any other information about your nutritional status means nothing. Usually, people will seek medical attention while they still have a little ferritin left because of other problems and symptoms. Thyroid problems can be silent too. Depression for any reason can make the body stressed out and not respond to available nutrition. It is not caused by what you think, the depression causes the way you may feel and your appetite may become picky or non-nutritious just at the time you need the food the most. I hope that will help you to understand. Some people can have a low hemaglobin and low ferritin and feel awful, some can have a normal hemaglobin and a low ferritin level and never know it. Some can have a low hemaglobin, be short of breath, and think they have a virus and they have been gradually dropping in iron all along and never connected it together.
Some people are always different than other people so that is what medical practice is all about, there are no definite answers except the one you believe.
When you get your blood test results back you should be looking at the ferreting and not just the iron. The problem is that most gp's don't explain blood test results to their patients and when you go back home it's all simply medical terminology and a heap of numbers which at the end of the day don't mean much.

More people are now finding out that their iron stores need to stay above 70 for at least 3 months to see a significant decrease in the shedding rate and for hair in the growing phase to be restored to its normal rate.

What a lot of people dont know is that levels need to be between 125 - 150 for optimal metabolic and liver detoxification functioning. Your liver is an important organ and if it's not working at an optimum level then that can make you feel sluggish and lack energy among other things too. Low energy, dry skin, dull hair, sensitivity to the cold, difficulty in swallowing, pale complexiong, heart palpitations and breathlessness can all be common when it comes to iron deficiency. Not every person will have all those symptoms, but it is possible to have some or all.

In my case i could understand being low in iron if i was vegetarian or had a bad diet. But i cook my own meals, rarely eat take away, i eat meat virtually daily, i have my fruit and veg too. So for me it's a big mystery to find out how this could have happened.

Some people can have a system which is simply poor at absorbing iron, but it can also be connected to your digestive system, your liver, your spleen as all your bodily organs are interconnected and work like a machine. If one organ isn't functioning at the correct level then it affects production of all the other organs.

The other factor is that of all the vitamins and minerals you consume, your body uses up what it needs and your hair gets the leftovers. If there are no vitamins/minerals or insufficient of them left over then your hair gets an insufficient amount or zero.

Since initially seeing my trichologist and starting on this super powerful supplement, my levels have gone up by 20. I have just over one month to go on the supplement but i doubt i'll be up to 70 by then so i can see myself being on this supplement for a bit longer. If my body can't get to 70 or is struggling, my trichologist will have to find out why this is happening. Some people lack enzymes for food digestion and this causes iron and even other vitamins to not get absorbed properly so in that case i may need an enzyme supplement when eating meals. On the other hand it could be poor liver function, which again could be due to poor digestion if that's what i have.

My issue is that my previous gp and my current gp have never been able to explain any of this to me. They are all simply clueless or simply not educated when it comes to this matter. I'm glad i found someone who specialises in this or i would hate to think what would have become of me and my hair.

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