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dear all,

i post on about everyboard on here. ok heres the short of it. i have been b12 deficient four times and again recently i have only had two jabs in the last year. Made me feel like my head would explode though so sick from it. i have been iron deficient too and have low haemaglobin. i have multiple problems. continuous infections spine pains and neuro problems i have developed seizures. i have developed scoliosis of the spine and an annular tear in the lumbar region. i have had high igg , albumin and protein on three spinal taps i have a cist in my brain. i have a high rheumatoid factor, a superficial clot in my leg. my hair is falling out. i have losts so much weight i look like skeletor. i have problems taking meds due to allergies so scared to take ferrous sulphate. i have also been given blood thinners because of the leg clot. i have had raised protein in my urine four times but a normal kidney biopsy. a bone scan revieled increased activity in my spine. i have stroke type symptons dizzyness pain in my spleen and unbelievable headaches. i was given methyl prednisalone in hospital recently which brought me back to life. however then i developed what appeared to be a kidney infection and am on antibiotics again. i have had inflammtion found in my skin and until recently a deep cream for infection seems to be clearing it. i was bitten by an insect on my face before all this started. i have had an enlarged liver and spleen and lymph nodes. they thought i had lupus but my tests were negative and i don't know if its infection or what but when im taking my steriods i feel this increaesed pressure in my head. so my doc has stopped them . i am seeing a neurologist for an opinion on tuesday. My life is hell. why can't i take the b12 what more tests can i have to find out what is wrong. i have a haitus hernia andmuscle wastage too. Are there any ways of taking b12 except the blasted injection plus i am no good with tablets of any sort diluted ones ok. i know this sounds crazy. any ideas of what tests i should ask for???

zoe please somone giveme a clue

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