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Tator Tot: I was diagnosed with Pernicious Anemia 4 months ago, it took nearly five months of constant visits and 7 specialist to finally give me the help I needed. I fired one doc because of the lack of concern; she made me feel like I was making everything up and that she really didn't seem to care. I gave her the third times a charm rule and when she failed I quickly found a new neurologist. It was only my persistence and a handful of great doctors who really listened and took me serious. There were moments when it was all just to much for me to handle – during this time my family stood my ground for me and it worked out well. I know that I really wasn’t a candidate for this illness given my age and no prior history of stomach surgery or problems along with the fact that my numbers were not as low as they should be to cause such problems. Since low B12 attacks your entire nervous system symptoms can vary widely. During the process I spent a lot of time on the internet researching everything. I kept my entire medical history with me, any tests done I always got copies and kept each doctor up to date. After each visit I researched each word or medical note that I did not understand. The information helped me to communicate better with the doctors plus I understood each direction they were going regarding the battery of tests. According to the doctor B12 is one of the hardest vitamins for the body to absorb since there are a number of factors that must work right before the job can be done correctly. See this web page it gave me the most information and understanding of the problem [url][/url]

Good news is that this problem is easy to control and if found soon enough should not cause permanent damage. It does take awhile before you get back to normal (whatever that may be) I have greatly improved in the last 4 months but still have some issues to work thru. Each day gets better and better. Hang in there and good luck on your quest I will pray for you in hopes that you find an answer soon.


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