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Before my daughter finally got a diagnosis of pernicious anaemia, she was checked for heart problems, cardiologist did discover that she has mitral valve prolapse but this did not cause heart palpitations, sent to a psychiatrist because of depression, saw a neruologist for migraines, walking and balance problems, checked for lupus, MS, all because at 27 years old, she was thought to be too young to have PA. The heart palpitations, depression, balance problems, nausea, slurred speech, increased sensitivity to sounds and odours are all symptoms of PA. I have also read where people have been misdiagnosed with schizophrenia and/or bipolar disorder when it was PA all along. In particular, one person I read about took about 6 months before any improvement was noted but at the end of one year, he was back to normal, but it took almost 6 months to wean him off the medicine he was taking for the misdiagnosed mental disorder.

It took my daughter 2 years to recover, she has learned to self-inject IM and injects once a week. She tries to keep her B12 level around 1200. When she goes below that she gets pain in her back, shoulder and neck, has problems walking and speaking and of course the extreme exhaustion.

It is an isidious disease because by the time you are taken seriously, you are quite ill. If not diagnosed early enough, it can lead to sub acute degeneration of the spinal cord which is irreversible..but most peripheral nervous symptoms will disappear with the proper amount of B12.

Missy919, be sure to keep check on your folate, Iron and thryoid levels. Pernicious anaemia can co-exist with IDA, folate deficiency and because PA is an autoimmune disease, many PA patients develop hyper/hypothyroidism.


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