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New Here
Nov 16, 2006
I am brand new here and am so glad to have found this board!

I am almost 22 and have kind of 'unofficially' gone in and out of anemia for the past few years. I do not eat much meat at all, and no red meat. I have usually been able to 'feel' when I was getting a bit anemic, but have a lot of trouble taking iron because it makes me incredibly sick. When I was pregnant with my daughter (now 2), I was quite anemic.. but still, the iron pill issue is a big one for me.

Recently, I had an abnormal pap smear which led to an abnormal colposcopy (but not cancerous yet)... and I had my OB/Gyn do a CBC because I have just been completely exhausted lately (as in I wake up and am exhausted a few hours later). On top of that, my migraines have been more frequent and I find myself light-headed often... in addition, sometimes I catch my heart beating very fast and then it goes back to normal. My results came back as below, along with that lab's references:

My HGB was 10.4(L) and normal is 12.0-16.0

My HCT was 31.8(L) and normal is between 37.0-47.0

My MCV was 75.8(L) and normal is between 81.0-99.00

My MCH was 25.5(L) and normal is between 27.0-31.0

RBC was 4.46 and the normal range is 4.3-10.3

MCHC was 33.7 and the normal range is 32.0-36.0

'LYMPHS' was 20 and the normal range is 15-40

'MONOS' was 5 and the normal range is 2-10

She wanted me to begin taking an iron supplement again... but I expressed how awfully sick they make me. She gave me an Rx for Repliva and said that it has good reviews for not making women too sick. Well... it doesn't work... not for me. :confused: I have only been taking it for 3 days and already... (scroll down for TMI)...

my stomach is incredibly 'flippy', and I am very nauseus... on top of that, I tend to feel like I 'need' to 'go' really badly, but then I can't.. which I suppose you'd call constipation. I just call it gross... lol. But other times, it's diarrhea. On top of that, it's GREEN... bright green. Dare I say yuck? I know, you didn't really need to know that, lol. My stomach just feels really yucky inside... don't ya hate that feeling? I had my gallbladder removed 1.5 years ago.. and I already need to be near the bathroom when I 'gotta go'.. so I just can't take this. I just can't be like this everyday. I only took half of a pill tonight, hoping that would help.. but I have my doubts.

I do, and have always, tried to get iron from other sources.. like peanut butter and some leafy vegetables. I do not eat beans, red meat, or a lot of fish... so I suppose that my options are limited. Perhaps my body just can't absorb iron well? I have difficult digesting vitamins as well (same stomach issues), so I take flinstones on a regular basis (okay.. stop laughing at me!) ;)

Anyway... any advice for other Rx's to try or really ANYTHING at this point would be so incredibly appreciated. I hate feeling completely exhausted and dizzy... but I also can't stand these stomach issues!

P.S. I was told that my thyroid levels came back normal.

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