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Hi there all,
I have felt very tried for a long time now and also experience my hair falling out,fast heart beats,cloudy mind,ect,so I went to the doc and had a blood test which showed that my iron level was 1. Started taking oral iron pills for around 3 months,then stopped for a while, so I recently went to a different doc and had another blood test which showed my iron level 4 (ref range 9.0-30.4), ferritin 56 ug/L (ref range15-200), Hb 133g/L (ref range 155-165).
The thing is that after reading this forum trying to make sense as to whats going on with my body I asked the doc for iron shots or iv iron,only for him to practaly laughed in my face with a "NO thats not needed" answer.He then told me to take Fefol iron pills for 6 months and watch what I eat.I decied to get advice from another doc who told me that when my iron level was 1 thats when I should have gotten the iv iron but level 4 iron is not low enough?????
What do all you people think??. Should I take the iron pills for 6 months or seek another doc who takes me seriously.
I'm 35 years old and a mother of a 5 and 6 year old. I do have my periods every 24-26 days apart and can be heavy,I'm not a fussy eater and love eating meat and vegetables,I cannot function like this anymore,any advice would be greatful thank-you.

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