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I'm new here, this forum has been a great source of information!:)

Just wondered if anyone can help with information on Ferritin levels - I understand this is the figure representing the levels stored in the liver?

My haemoglobin levels are apparently okay so it took a long time for them to pick this up. My doc said the iron level should be between 22 - 200. Mine was 12 going up to 29 and now 33. I have been taking Ferrous Sulphate for about 6 months now but don't feel any better. :(

As I am now in the normal range they are not really concerned but I just wondered what is the ideal level? I am worried that I still have neurological symptoms, now my doctor is worrying me that I have MS as she cannot think what else would cause this.

I had surgery for Endometriosis about 2 months ago and since then have felt a lot worse with the pins and needles, numbness, tiredness, sore tongue, strange pains etc ! I read somewhere that if you are low on B12 anyway then surgery can cause this to drop further because of the stress? My B12 level is 282 but was 450 when checked 6 months ago. I brought some B vitamins which includes 1000ug of B12 to see if this helps.

I also have had really bad ear pain and a bit of wavy vision since the surgery which again nobody knows why (had an MRI scan and vision tests) I read on other posts that a lot of people with low B12 seem to suffer with their ears also?

If anyone has any information I would be most grateful - feel a bit alone with this as at the moment.


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