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Blimey if only 1% of the population get symptoms in the 400 range that makes me think that either I'm very unlucky or my problems are not down to B12? Does anyone know what the connection is with low iron/ferritin and B12?

My finger joints do sometimes swell, they feel kind of sticky most of the time. It used to happen in my toes also, like they would stick together. I was tested for arthritis also. My doctor told me I most likely had MS, she said she could not think of anything else with these symptoms which worried me so much.

As my blood tests showed and increase in B12 I presume I cannot have a problem with absorbing this vitamin? I'm taking 1000mg per day and in a few weeks it has risen from 282 to 423. I'm going to continue taking supplements, perhaps I am just not getting enough from food being a veggie.

I read somewhere that you cannot really overdose on B12 so hopefully it will do me no harm taking large amounts.

My doctor is not interested in this as my range is normal and my next neurologist appointment is not until May so I feel I have to look into all this myself. :confused:

Thanks everyone for advise, it is really appreciated ! :) [/COLOR]
Hi and thanks for the advice ! - I didn't realise it could take a year to feel better... I was worrying that although my levels are now much better I still feel bad - today my tongue is really sore again and my fingers are tingling. I just feel so tired!

I think I must have enough folic acid as my folate was high.

What are your levels now? Do you have low iron also? Do you take a B complex or just B12? I'm having trouble finding the right kind that also includes other B vitamins.

Thank you to everyone for the info - my GP gives me no help so this forum has been great!

I had some blood tests done recently but I'm not sure if they done all the other tests for intrinsic factor etc. If my levels have gone up would it still be possible that I have PA?

I do have an underactive thyroid - it is interesting that you mentioned vitiligo as I have recently acquired a white patch of skin on my chin. Do you think low iron or B12 could have caused this?

What are the cortisol levels??

I keep getting bad stomach pain at the moment, I read this could be caused from B12 and having a low acid level or something in the stomach? Does anyone know anything about this?

I'm really worried I keep getting symptoms when I'm taking my Ferrous sulphate and now the B12 lozengers :confused: [/COLOR]

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