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I'm a 34 year old female and have had weird symptoms too...

My B12 is 282, I've just started taking supplements to see if it helps as my doctor does not think my level is a problem. I'm not anemic but my ferritin is 33 which is low and I have an under active thyroid also.

My main symptoms are tiredness, tingling, numbness, pins & needles, pains in my back, shoulders, arms, legs, neck, hands, coldness in my arms and legs, feel very depressed, heart palpitations and feel out of breath easily, sore tongue, difficulty swallowing, dizziness, ear pains, vision problems, feel weak and lethargic. God I seem like a wreck !! :eek:

I've been to see a couple of neurologists and had my eyes checked and nobody can find anything wrong, it all gets put down to stress !

I haven't eaten meat for a long time but I've been told this is nothing to do with it and that B12 deficiency is very uncommon - would be interested to know what other people have experienced. [/COLOR]

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