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Several of the doctors told me the same thing ďI was over stressed and this was how my body was reacting to itĒ.

My heart goes out to each of you. I just turned 38 and was diagnosed 5 months ago with pernicious anemia.

In Feb 06 I scored 327 on my B12 test. Not low enough according to several doctors to cause much concern or even possibly be the root cause to my symptoms, but low enough that I should monitor it closely. I had several tests done by this point and slipped down the bad side of the health hill quickly. Within 6 weeks I was unable to even drive due to the severity of the symptoms (Mental and physical). I read everything I could about each symptom along with B12 how to get it etc. I discovered that I ate enough in my daily diet (meat, cheese eggs and tuna) to maintain a proper level of B12. I then took 4,000% of the daily dose needed for 3 weeks but it didnít help at all. I convinced my doctor to give me a B12 shot and shortly after this had the test run again, now I was at 373. Not a very big jump. I knew I was dieing, truly I could feel it! My body didnít work and did lots of strange things in addition my mind felt like it shook and it became very difficult to even think. I was so tired all the time.

Apparently there are several conditions that can cause low B12 a simple blood test revealed that my stomach does not make the protein necessary to absorb B12 - finally my diagnosis. (6 months, 8 specialists and $20,000 in medical tests and it was all worth it)

I have been taking regular B12 injections (every other week) and I cannot express enough how much of a difference it has made. Just after the second injection the death feeling went away. I am back to driving and can function quite normally. I still have to watch that I do not become overly stimulated or I trigger a few of the symptoms. Good news is even if they are triggered it only takes a little bit of rest (Not 6 hours of sleep) before getting back to normal again.

Write down everything no matter how small it may be. Something somewhere might give the doctor what he needs to know. Remember you are the only one who can explain to them what and how you feel.

Hang in there, I will be praying for you all. :wave:

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