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About a year ago I have been getting big bruices all over my body! nobody could touch me cause I would get a big bruise, I myself could not touch my skin! I went to the doctor to see what was wrong with me and after lots of blood tests they still did not know why but found that I had iron defficiency and was becoming aneamic which explained why I was all the time tired and wanting to sleep. Although I still, till now, never found out the reason for my bruises the bruising got much less!

However, for my iron defficiency I started taking iron pills. I do get very heavy and painful periods so the iron deficiency could be from that. The thing is that when I went to the apointment after about 6 months taking the pills instead of more iron my iron level was lower than before. but by the time I felt completly healthy. I am very athletic and I'm not aneamic anymore although my iron deficiency worries me. The doctor was surpsrised to find my iron level had gotten lower and so he made a few more tests. I eat a lot of meat so I don't understand why I have lack of iron. The doctor changed my pills into different iron pills cause he said it might be that my body does not absorb iron and he sent me to check for thaleseamia ( I don't know if I spelled it completly correct).

I went also to the gynae cause I started having very painful periods which I had not before. I was sent for an ultrasound and they found a cyst. The doctor said since I am seventeen I am still young so it's normal and should go away. But, it's been a long time and my periods really are a misery to me. It's also important to know that at the gynea I was put on the pregnancy pill to bleed less during my period. This is only one month ago. but till now it doesn't seem to be any change and the cyst seems to be still there and my iron level is getting lower! what am I to do?? please give me some suggestions. One more thing...why did I get so much bruices?

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