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Well, I did some research on hight mcv and rdw. Seems this could be related to low b-12 and folic acid. Then today after craving eggs for the past couple of weeks, I did a search on egg cravings. I found a websit which state that this craving could be related to low b-12 and folic acid. This could all explain why I am still tired and with many of the same symptoms as when my iron was low. When I was anemic, I craved ice, chewed on ice by the pounds everyday and no one thought that was unusual. But according to my hematologist this is common with anemic people, found this out after years of chewing ice. Now I do not have that craving, but crave eggs. I have been eating eggs all hours of the night recently and I don't even like eggs. I will have my doctor check out my b-12 and folic acid level at my next appointment. I guess the mystery of science is that if you listen to your body, it will tell you what is wrong even if your doctor don't know. I had told my pcp at my last visit, that I had ringing in the ear, dizzy, having problems with numbness in my hands and still really tired. He said it prob was just stress since all my test was within normal range. But he did not address the high mcv and rdw and any relations it might have with b-12 or folic acid.

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