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hi unique i had your problem with the bleeding before i had my hestorecmy 2 years ago. i blead about 3 weeks out of the month. your blood count is way to low. my mom just passed away because of her iron and hemo count was at 7and 1/2 [i was in the hospital to at the time with broncitusbut thats another story] please consider heavly to get that hestorectomy. i was ate up with endromeotis and had 2 cysts on my overies. i am also anemic i stay at about between 8 and 11 my doctor says that when you find a mother that is [or was in my case] anemic that you usually will have a daughter that is to. he has me on hemocyte plus iron once a day. it has a prenatal vitiam mineral in it so it really helps . your hemo count is not going to get any better until you get rid of your female parts i know that is harsh and you dont know me from adam but you sound just like me i was bleeding all the time and cramping to. ask your doctor. or you pale ? or you tired all the time even after a full nights rest ? do you have energy during the day? if not you are losing to much blood each month that is keeping your counts down please consider getting a full hestorectomy and get on a good iron pill or capsule after that or et o the iron now it is by prescription my doc. put me on i/car to start with it bothered my stomach then he put me on furrus sulfate but it felt like the lining of my stomach was being irritated so he put me on the hemocyte plus and it has helped not cured the anemea but has helped. it wont ever cure it because i have a hard time aborbing iron but it helps so think about it and lets us know . thanks susan kay:)

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