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hello, so on Thursday i went to go and give blood at my local place in the UK- it would have been my 5th donation but i was refused as my haemoglobin test failed. So they did another, more thorough one, which also failed. The said it needed to be 125 (to 180), and mine came back as 108. They said they'd write to me and let me know if i should see my GP, which they have done today.

I don't really understand all the results in the letter but it says i should wait 12 months before going to give blood again unless my doctor says otherwise. This has panicked me somewhat as in the leaflet they gave me yesterday they said i should go back to them as soon as possible as they like all the volunteers thay can have (so long as they are well of course!). So 12 months suddenly seems quite extreme!

So is 108 abnormally low??! Under "suspect/Definitive Messages" it simply says "hypochromia"...there's also 3 charts and loads of initials with numbers and letters after them. Should I be worried?

Here is the print out they sent me along with a note saying to go and see my GP.

WBC 5.01 10^9/L
NE% 52.8 %
LY % 35.7 %
MO % 8.8 %
EO % 0.7 L %
BA % 2.0 H %

NE # 2.6 10^9/L
LY # 1.8 10^9/L
MO # 0.4 10^9/L
EO # 0.0 L 10^9/L
BA # 0.1 10^9/L

RBC 4.581 10 ^12/L
HGB 10.66 L g/dL
HCT 32.87 L %
MCV 71.75 L fL
MCH 23.28 aL pg
MCHC 32.45 L g/dL
RDW 16.54 H %

PLT 363.5 10^9/L
MPV 8.59 fL

Suspect/Definitive Messages: Hypochromia

Makes no sense to me, anyone able to decode it for me?

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